Logan’s Lab

Ummm, is that the right name for this place? Miller thought it was. Anyway. It’s a collection links to textures and blender tutorials (with a SecondLife/Open Simulator bias) and other useful things that I need to remember how to do and where to find them. Occasionally I might even write a tutorial or two of my own.

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LaserJet 1010 and Windows 10

Logan and I like her old HP Deskjet 1010, we were a bit peeved when we “upgraded” to Windows 10 and it was no longer in the list of printers. We found this tutorial on the web and it worked like a charm to put it back again.


Well-impressed.  Thanks mate (-:

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Using dd to fill/wipe your disk

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda
dd if=dev/urandom of=/dev/hda
dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/hda
  • Using /dev/zero is a load quicker, but not as thorough.
  • /dev/urandom takes longer but is more thorough and doesn’t require you to be doing anything on the machine to help create the random data.
  • /dev/random is slower and more thorough still and requires monitoring the system to generate entropy.

Excellent explanation here: http://superuser.com/questions/359599/why-is-my-dev-random-so-slow-when-using-dd

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Dump just one MySQL table

Logan wanted a way to move one table from a MySQL database to another database on a separate server. We found this idea in a closed discussion on Stack Overflow

mysqldump -u user dbname tablename -p > tablename_dump.sql

The thing that I thought was really cool and that I didn’t know before (‘cos I didn’t read enough of the manual) was that you can put a single table name after the database name and just get the structure and data for that table. You could then use that to send the new table and its data to your new database. In fact, the guy that posted it actually put it like this…

mysqldump -u username yourpass dbname tablename -p | mysql -u user secondDB -p

…which I haven’t used, but looks like a really neat way to do it.

Original Stack Overflow thread: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15558461/move-table-from-one-database-to-another-in-mysql


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LSL Error: Unrecognized escape sequence. (On Open Simulator)

I found myself scratching my head for a while over this while modifying an LSL script to run on 3RG. The error message was:

Error CS1009: Unrecognised Escape Sequence

It turns out that it’s an C# compiler error caused by an “unexpected character followed by a backslash in a string”.  In my case I had a message to llSay() and I’d used “\n” to create a new line and then inadvertently put an extra backslash, something like this:

llSay(0, "Some message \n\Some message on a new line");

In SL, the script just compiles, but on 3rd Rock Grid (and presumably many other Open Simulator grids) it fails with that error and the editor claims it’s on a line way , way above where the error actually occurs.

Reference:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/44ezxxy3%28v=vs.71%29.aspx

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Free Texture Site

http://free-texture-site.blogspot.co.uk Free textures & stock photos for use in 3d video game development & computer graphics. Textures are reduced in scale in pop-ups, but will save as full size.

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SL Viewer -> Advanced Menu -> Debug Settings -> MeshMaxConcurrentRequests

The description says “Number of threads to use for loading meshes”. Apparently if you can’t see all of a mesh build, or maybe someone’s hair is missing or something, increasing this setting might enable you to see more. I have no idea whether it works, it was just something I saw in a discussion one of the Blender groups.

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Rubber Band Panning

Neat trick to help stop shaky cam. You could probably use this with a space navigator too. http://youtu.be/Fj6fMcJ18aA

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Bash One-Liners

http://www.bashoneliners.com/ – Exactly what it says on the tin.

Among our favourites were:

Well Handy (-:

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SL Viewer 3 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are still some I miss from the old viewer, but there are also a few useful new ones here. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/All_keyboard_shortcut_keys Also shows 2.8 and 1.23 shortcuts.

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MP3 to OGG Vorbis

We all know that it’s not a good idea to convert from MP3 to Ogg, but sometimes, when you have to, this might help:
mpg321 input.mp3 -w - | oggenc -o output.ogg -
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