The Impudence AO

I learned recently that there is an Animation Overrider built right in to the Imprudence Viewer and it’s dead easy to set up.

  1. Copy your Animations and the configuration Notecard from your existing AO to a folder in your inv. I usually put them in a folder beneath my main Animations folder.
  2. On your keyboard type Ctrl + Shift + O which opens the little AO window.
  3. Drag your Notecard over from your Inventory window and drop it into the AO window.
  4. Hit the Reload Button.
  5. If you want an AO On/Off control on your screen, make sure the little box named “Show AO Toolbar” is checked.
  6. Close the AO window.


Q. What format is the Notecard, Franimation or ZHAO?

A. ZHAO, Zhao II to be precise. As an example, this is the one that Logan uses. It’s only got two animations because even after 4½ years, she still stands like a n00b.

[ Standing ]
[ Walking ]=V= AN 16 walkf1
[ Sitting ]
[ Sitting On Ground ]
[ Crouching ]
[ Crouch Walking ]
[ Landing ]
[ Standing Up ]
[ Falling ]
[ Flying Down ]
[ Flying Up ]
[ Flying ]
[ Flying Slow ]
[ Hovering ]
[ Jumping ]
[ Pre Jumping ]
[ Running ]=V= AN 12 run

Q. When I load it, it says something like this:
“Warning: animation ‘ ‘ could not be found (Section: [ Standing ]).
or this:
Warning: animation ‘=V= AN 16 walkf1 ‘ could not be found (Section: [ Walking ]).

Is it broken?

A. Check your Notecard, make sure there are no spaces at the end of any of the animation names or after the closing square brackets “]”. Save the Notecard, drop it back into the AO Window and hit the Reload button again.


About Miller

I live in Second Life with my shoulder pet Logan. I write code for her and I sometimes greet people in the Virtual Kennel Club Dog Park at Turing Isle: Isle/128/126/27/ I also write in my own Blog at and sometimes even on FB.
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