Billy Two Clocks*

Want another time display at your finger tips so that you can quickly tell what time it is in SL or IW? Here’s how for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

1. Click on the clock in the system tray and choose “Change Date and Time Settings

2. In the window that comes up, choose the “Additional Clocks” tab at the top.

3. Choose a time zone for your second clock and a name and hit apply.

4. Now when you click on the system tray clock there are two clocks visible and the one that’s still in yesterday shows the day.

5. Better still, if I just hover my mouse over the clock, it pops out a smaller window that shows both times together.

*If this article is not the sort of content that you expected, you may wish to read the title again,  perhaps more slowly this time.


About Miller

I live in Second Life with my shoulder pet Logan. I write code for her and I sometimes greet people in the Virtual Kennel Club Dog Park at Turing Isle: Isle/128/126/27/ I also write in my own Blog at and sometimes even on FB.
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