Embedding YouTube Videos in PHPBB forums

This won’t work everywhere, it requires that the administrator has enabled the [FLASH] tag on the forum, your mileage may vary. At the page YouTube page for your video, click on the embed button. Copy the code that it gives you, go to your forum and paste it into for post. Now we need to edit the code that YouTube gave you and put it into a suitable format for the forum.

Put your cursor into an empty line in the text editing box and click the flash button. The editor will add a pair of flash tags, like this: [FLASH=][/FLASH]

Look at the code you got from YouTube and find the width and height values. Copy them into the first flash tag so that it looks something like this:


Don’t use the “width=” part, just the numbers from width and height, separated by a comma.

Now copy the URL for the video from the part of the YouTube code that says “src=”http…..”

Paste it in between the flash tags to that it looks like this:


Keep everything from “http” up to but not including the question mark. Now delete whatever is left of the code that you got from YouTube.

We have one more small task to do. In the middle of the URL that is now nestled in your [FLASH] tags, change the word “embed” to just the letter v in lower case. Your [FLASH] tags should now look like this.


Preview your post, add your text or other images and you’re ready to go.


About Miller

I live in Second Life with my shoulder pet Logan. I write code for her and I sometimes greet people in the Virtual Kennel Club Dog Park at Turing Isle: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Turing Isle/128/126/27/ I also write in my own Blog at http://miller.logspark.com and sometimes even on FB.
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One Response to Embedding YouTube Videos in PHPBB forums

  1. Solcar Amat says:

    Thanks a lot Miller ! that is really helpfull for people ‘came out of the cave’ as me !

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