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Naldz Graphics

Blu found this the other night, textures and all sorts of useful graphics things: Advertisements

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Line by line in BASH, coping with the spaces

When I do something like this: for line in `cat some_file` do <whatever with> $line done It works fine when there are no spaces in the lines in $line. But if there are spaces, it does <whatever> to each expression … Continue reading

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Mirror your sculptmaps in Blender

Cunning trick to make a mirrored copy of your sculpty right there in Blender… Shift + D to Duplicate your mesh Space bar -> Transform -> Mirror -> <choose axis> If you need to do this a lot there are … Continue reading

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Yesterday in Python

from datetime import datetime, timedelta yesterday = – timedelta(days=1) yesterday.strftime(‘%m%d%y’) Reference Thank you (-:

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Reminder to Logan

Falloff: How spread-out the spray is. Decrease for a softer brush; increase for a harder one.

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