Line by line in BASH, coping with the spaces

When I do something like this:

for line in `cat some_file`
    <whatever with> $line

It works fine when there are no spaces in the lines in $line. But if there are spaces, it does <whatever> to each expression between the spaces.

Two neat tricks for coping with is.

1. Change the internal field separator ($IFS) to only separate on newline:


And carry on with your normal loop.

2. Use a read in a while loop instead:

cat filename | while read line; do
    echo $line



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3 Responses to Line by line in BASH, coping with the spaces

  1. Rodnee says:

    Thanks. I was trying to figure out if changing the IFS would be system wide or not. But the read in while loop worked for me. Thanks again.

    • Miller says:

      Hey Rodnee, IFS will return to its original value once the script finishes. Or, if you just set it inside a block of code, it will revert when that block of code finishes. But looking at your page, I think you already got that covered (-:

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