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I live in Second Life with my shoulder pet Logan. I write code for her and I sometimes greet people in the Virtual Kennel Club Dog Park at Turing Isle: Isle/128/126/27/ I also write in my own Blog at and sometimes even on FB.

LaserJet 1010 and Windows 10

Logan and I like her old HP Deskjet 1010, we were a bit peeved when we “upgraded” to Windows 10 and it was no longer in the list of printers. We found this tutorial on the web and it worked … Continue reading

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Using dd to fill/wipe your disk

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda dd if=dev/urandom of=/dev/hda dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/hda Using /dev/zero is a load quicker, but not as thorough. /dev/urandom takes longer but is more thorough and doesn’t require you to be doing anything on the machine to help create … Continue reading

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Dump just one MySQL table

Logan wanted a way to move one table from a MySQL database to another database on a separate server. We found this idea in a closed discussion on Stack Overflow mysqldump -u user dbname tablename -p > tablename_dump.sql The thing … Continue reading

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LSL Error: Unrecognized escape sequence. (On Open Simulator)

I found myself scratching my head for a while over this while modifying an LSL script to run on 3RG. The error message was: Error CS1009: Unrecognised Escape Sequence It turns out that it’s an C# compiler error caused by … Continue reading

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Free Texture Site Free textures & stock photos for use in 3d video game development & computer graphics. Textures are reduced in scale in pop-ups, but will save as full size.

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SL Viewer -> Advanced Menu -> Debug Settings -> MeshMaxConcurrentRequests The description says “Number of threads to use for loading meshes”. Apparently if you can’t see all of a mesh build, or maybe someone’s hair is missing or something, increasing … Continue reading

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Rubber Band Panning

Neat trick to help stop shaky cam. You could probably use this with a space navigator too.

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