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LSL Error: Unrecognized escape sequence. (On Open Simulator)

I found myself scratching my head for a while over this while modifying an LSL script to run on 3RG. The error message was: Error CS1009: Unrecognised Escape Sequence It turns out that it’s an C# compiler error caused by … Continue reading

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SL Viewer 3 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are still some I miss from the old viewer, but there are also a few useful new ones here. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/All_keyboard_shortcut_keys Also shows 2.8 and 1.23 shortcuts.

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WPA and the Dell Mini 9

Reminder to Logan: If you are still running that old 9.04 Ubuntu on your Netbook, you need to make sure that the Access Point uses AES encryption only for the WPA. Thank you to dhalbert in this post from many … Continue reading

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Making a sculpted tablecloth in Blender

Fast paced, but easy to follow tutorial on making a sculpted tablecloth in Blender. http://opensim-creations.com/2011/04/01/tgib-speedbuild-tutorial-7-how-make-a-sculpted-table-cloth-with-blenders-collision/ (Thanks Solcar for finding this)

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Split Seam when Importing a Scupltmap

If, as happens to us all once in a while, you import a sculptmap that has been made in a different application into blender and find that it has a big old split down one side, try this: Add a … Continue reading

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Vim autoindent driving you mad?

Try this towards the end of your .vimrc filetype indent off and if you want to turn autoindent off just for the current document, try this :setlocal noautoindent Or even: :setl noai Reference The Vim Tips Wiki: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_stop_auto_indenting (accessed 2011.07.23) … Continue reading

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Line by line in BASH, coping with the spaces

When I do something like this: for line in `cat some_file` do <whatever with> $line done It works fine when there are no spaces in the lines in $line. But if there are spaces, it does <whatever> to each expression … Continue reading

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