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SL Viewer 3 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are still some I miss from the old viewer, but there are also a few useful new ones here. Also shows 2.8 and 1.23 shortcuts. Advertisements

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MP3 to OGG Vorbis

We all know that it’s not a good idea to convert from MP3 to Ogg, but sometimes, when you have to, this might help: mpg321 input.mp3 -w – | oggenc -o output.ogg –

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Removing repeating characters (PHP)

In this case it was offending commas, but you could adapt this to most things. $my_string = ereg_replace(‘\,{2,}’, ‘,’, $my_string); For a proper explanation, see   Thank you :c)

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You may remember her as Ayla Holt from IW and/or other places, Linda Kellie has very generously put all her stuff up on her web site for free download under a Creative Commons License.  You’ll find textures, buildings, clothes, furniture, … Continue reading

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Making a sculpted tablecloth in Blender

Fast paced, but easy to follow tutorial on making a sculpted tablecloth in Blender. (Thanks Solcar for finding this)

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Vim autoindent driving you mad?

Try this towards the end of your .vimrc filetype indent off and if you want to turn autoindent off just for the current document, try this :setlocal noautoindent Or even: :setl noai Reference The Vim Tips Wiki: (accessed 2011.07.23) … Continue reading

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Mirror your sculptmaps in Blender

Cunning trick to make a mirrored copy of your sculpty right there in Blender… Shift + D to Duplicate your mesh Space bar -> Transform -> Mirror -> <choose axis> If you need to do this a lot there are … Continue reading

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